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66-72. Man and woman as created "in the image of God"

* 66. Are man and woman as created "in the image of God"?

* 67. did God create man and woman?

* 68. the human race form a unity?

* 69. the soul and body form a unity in the human being?

* 70. the soul come from?

* 71. between man and woman?

* 72.  the original condition of the human 


66. In what sense do we understand man and woman as created "in the image of God"?

The human person is created in the image of God in the sense that he or she is capable of knowing and of loving their Creator in freedom. Human beings are the only creatures on earth that God has willed for their own sake and has called to share, through knowledge and love, in his own divine life. All human beings, in as much as they are created in the image of God, have the dignity of a person. A person is not something but someone, capable of self-knowledge and of freely giving himself and entering into communion with God and with other persons.

Further reading: CCC 355-357

67. For what purpose did God create man and woman?

God has created everything for them; but he has created them to know, serve and love God, to offer all of creation in this world in thanksgiving back to him and to be raised up to life with him in heaven. Only in the mystery of the incarnate Word does the mystery of the human person come into true light. Man and woman are predestined to reproduce the image of the Son of God made Man who is the perfect "image of the invisible God" (Colassians 1:15).

Further reading: CCC 358-359, 380-381


68. Why does the human race form a unity?

All people form the unity of the human race by reason of the common origin which they have from God. God has made "from one ancestor all the nations of men" (Acts17:26). All have but one Savior and are called to share in the eternal happiness of God.

Further reading: CCC 360-361

69. How does the soul and body form a unity in the human being?

The human person is a being at once corporeal and spiritual. In man spirit and matter form one nature. This unity is so profound that, thanks to the spiritual principle which is the soul, the body which is material, becomes a living human body and participates in the dignity of the image of God.

Further reading: CCC 362-365, 382


70. Where does the soul come from?

The spiritual soul does not come from one's parents but is created immediately by God and is immortal. It does not perish at the moment when it is separated from the body in death and it will be once again reunited with the body at the moment of the final resurrection.

Further reading: CCC 366-368, 382

71. What relationship has God established between man and woman?

Man and woman have been created by God in equal dignity insofar as they are human persons. At the same time, they have been created in a reciprocal complementarity insofar as they are masculine and feminine. God has willed them one for the other to form a communion of persons. They are also called to transmit human life by forming in matrimony "one flesh" (Genesis 2:24). They are likewise called to subdue the earth as "stewards" of God.

Further reading: CCC 369-373, 383

72. What was the original condition of the human person according to the plan of God?

In creating man and woman God has given them a special participation in his own divine life in holiness and justice. In the plan of God they would not have had to suffer or die. Furthermore, a perfect harmony held sway within the human person, a harmony between creature and Creator, between man and woman, as well as between the first human couple and all of creation.

Further reading: CCC 374-379, 384


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